Monogrammed Bed Covers

Ever wanted a bed cover monogrammed? Well that is what we do here at the Baby Pillow Store along with our beautiful baby boudoir pillows. We can place Large embroidered monograms in the center of most bed covers. We can actually put them just about anywhere on the bed cover weather it is a blanket or duvet cover.

Look at our embroidery monograms page on our site. You will not find monograms like this anywhere else, if you do please let us know, I’d like to have a talk with them. Just kidding but not really, it won’t be long before other shops start to copy us. We can provide chain stitch and swiss stitch for our monograms and you will not pay crazy prices some of these high end linen shops charge.

We monogram your items, we do not carry inventory, we only monogram yours linens. You are responsible for shipping back and forth and we take care of the rest. Use the contact us form and give a brief description and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Large Embroidery Monograms

We make large embroidery monograms as big as 16 inches top to bottom of the largest letter, usually the center letter. In certain styles this is possible with the right letters. Deep editing is required to sew out with no issues and will look amazing on blanket covers and duvet covers. Usually we make a 10 inch monogram on a twin cover, a 11 inch monogram on a queen cover and 12 inch on a king cover.

You can ask about larger monograms sizes and we will let you know if it works with your choice of monogram style. We usually make complete bed spread packages with our monograms. Pillow cases and shams, flat sheets, boudoirs and neck rolls and of course blanket and duvet covers. We also embroider robes and almost all towels, bath, hand, wash and guest towels.

We work with you in every aspect of sizing, thread selection, placement of monogram. We are a family business and now go under the name of the Baby Pillow Store and The Brooklyn Chain Stitch Company, our Dad started this business back in the early 1960’s and his sons have continued his legacy. Our Dad was a creative person and his creativity came out in his monogram designs. He worked with very high profile designers and decorators who had very high profile clients. Actors, sport stars, politicians and very wealthy clientele. His sons (us) have taken the mantle and continued this business and we offer both Bonnaz, also know as chain stitch and Swiss stitch embroidery. Ask any questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Valentines Day Keepsake

Looking for a different kind of Valentines Day present? Check out our Baby Pillow…

Love You

This is our Valentines Day Keepsake with Custom Embroidery only from The Baby Pillow Store. You can say I Love You, We Love You, however you like. This picture shows our beautiful 100 % cotton boudoir sham. This pillow sham includes a 12 x 16 inch machine washable pillow insert. The sham has a 3 inch flange and this all white one is finished with a baby toothpick hemstitch along with baby scallop edging.

Swiss And Chain Stitch

The Baby Pillow Store and the Brooklyn Chain Stitch Company offer some of the nicest monograms around and Swiss and Chain Stitch is available. We are family and have been in the embroidery business of fine linens since the early 1960’s. We welcome and work with boutique shops, designers and decorators. Take a look at our monograms and get in touch for pricing, sizing and any questions you might have. Visit the Brooklyn Chain Stitch Company here……and have a look at the Baby Pillow Store’s Monograms.


Custom Shop Monograms

Check out these beautiful monograms from decades ago. While the baby pillow is the cornerstone of this site, we are now showing these monograms and offering them to decorators and designers. We only monogram your linens, we do not stock linens ( besides the Baby Boudoir Pillow for the Baby Pillow Store). Anyone interested has to get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. These monograms are currently not available for the Baby Pillow we sell. See Custom Shop Monograms on the above tab.

2018 and Baby Pillows

Get custom embroidery at the  Our beautiful pillow can be embroidered with just about any font you can imagine. Just send us a request and we will get back to you with a sample or our thoughts.

The Baby Pillow Store Keeps Growing!

Thanks to all our new and existing customers for a great year! We have sold pillows in almost every state in the Union. The word is getting out there and our beautiful baby pillows are putting smiles on a lot of peoples faces. Keep telling your friends and family about the Baby Pillow Store…