Embroidery Monograms

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The Baby Pillow Store is proud to announce the addition of Custom Shop Embroidery Monograms. While our Baby Boudoir Pillows are the cornerstone of our business, we work with decorators, designers and private clients embellishing fine linens for the home .

The Baby Pillow Store does not stock any items for our Custom Shop Embroidery Monograms, we embroider your linens. The items that we embroider are blanket covers, duvet covers, shams, flats, towels, napkins, table cloths etc. Our family has been in the embroidery business since the early 1960’s. We do Bonnaz and Swiss stitch embroidery and we make all the designs ourselves. Our shop does not rely on pre-programmed embroidery fonts for the embroidery.

Inquire with the contact us page to get information and pricing on custom shop monograms.