Large Embroidery Monograms

We make large embroidery monograms as big as 16 inches top to bottom of the largest letter, usually the center letter. In certain styles this is possible with the right letters. Deep editing is required to sew out with no issues and will look amazing on blanket covers and duvet covers. Usually we make a 10 inch monogram on a twin cover, a 11 inch monogram on a queen cover and 12 inch on a king cover.

You can ask about larger monograms sizes and we will let you know if it works with your choice of monogram style. We usually make complete bed spread packages with our monograms. Pillow cases and shams, flat sheets, boudoirs and neck rolls and of course blanket and duvet covers. We also embroider robes and almost all towels, bath, hand, wash and guest towels.

We work with you in every aspect of sizing, thread selection, placement of monogram. We are a family business and now go under the name of the Baby Pillow Store and The Brooklyn Chain Stitch Company, our Dad started this business back in the early 1960’s and his sons have continued his legacy. Our Dad was a creative person and his creativity came out in his monogram designs. He worked with very high profile designers and decorators who had very high profile clients. Actors, sport stars, politicians and very wealthy clientele. His sons (us) have taken the mantle and continued this business and we offer both Bonnaz, also know as chain stitch and Swiss stitch embroidery. Ask any questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.